Vanguard tankard, 19oz


The Vanguard is a very desirable tankard, and one of our most popular.  The cast that makes the handle is at least 300 years old!

  • 100% lead-free and safe for drinking
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The Vanguard is a very desirable tankard, and one of our most popular. It’s very solid and the (roughly) 14oz of pewter that goes into this tankard gives it a great amount of strength.

The bowl is heavy, and looks it. The decoration is understated, but once this tankard catches the eye it holds it with the movement of light across its highly reflective surface.

The handle is a design that has stood the test of time – we don’t know quite how old the cast used to make it is, but it’s been passed down from pewterer to pewterer in the industry, and records show it is at least 300 years old.  That’s old.

There’s little more to say about this tankard. It’s a perfect mug for a man who appreciates real craftsmanship, both in his cup and in it’s contents.

Material Lead-free pewter tankard
Grade Heavy (Our tankards are graded ‘Standard’, ‘Medium’, ‘Heavy’, and ‘Super-Heavy’)
Diameter at rim 3½”
Height 5”
Diameter at base 4”
Weight 14oz
Capacity 19 US fluid oz

NOTE: These are handmade items, so all measurements are approximate.