Engraving our beautiful pewter cups

How to design your engraving…

Most of our pewter tankards and goblets can be engraved for a small extra fee, generally just $15 per cup (though it may be more in particularly complex cases, e.g. if you require multiple images to be engraved).

To start, click ‘Customize’ on the product page to open our snazzy Virtual Reality customization tool.  When the tool opens you can click on either of the two sample text placements, and then click “Edit” or “Edit text” to change the text to your preferred message. You can change the font and size of the text, and even move the text around on the cup.

Engraved mug club tankard - Old London

If either of the text fields isn’t needed (because you only want to engrave one side of the cup), just delete the other text area.

After choosing your font and typing in your personal message don’t forget to press ‘3D PREVIEW’ to see an impression of your design on your chosen cup. If you want to you can even play with our Virtual Reality tool to see your customized cup (or a representation of it!) on your own coffee table before you buy!

Can I engrave images and logos?


If you’d like a logo or image to be engraved onto your tankard then we can do that too, and the price is still $15 per cup.  Please either use the customization tool (there is an upload tool which allows you to upload your image and position it on the cup) or  send us an email with the image, a description of what you want, and your chosen tankard, we’ll let you know if we have any questions before going ahead.  

What sort of images work best for engraving?

Good question! Remember that we cannot engrave colors, and as a rule simple images work best. 

  • The most effective images are usually those that work well if reduced to black-and-white, particularly images with larger blocks of black-or-white.
  • Vector images are generally easier to work with
  • Shading, textures, and colors are generally difficult to engrave(!)

To give an example, look at the three lion drawings below. All three of these are fine lion pictures, and all three could be engraved. However in general the “Simple lion” on the left is likely to be both easier to engrave and to give a more impactful result than the “Medium lion” in the middle. And in turn the “Medium lion” is likely to be both easier to engrave and more impactful than the “Detailed lion” on the right.

Please do use our contact form and ask if you are not sure about any particular image.


Note on delivery times

We ship all of our ‘un-engraved’ tankards from our warehouse stock in Michigan, and so you’ll receive these tankards pretty quickly.  However the engraved tankards are sent direct from our pewterer’s workshop in England, and there is a bit of extra work to do (of course!), so please allow 7-14 days for standard delivery.  Expedited delivery can be purchased at checkout.

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