Medieval Antique Finish tankard, 19oz


Our medieval style tankard is a great link with past generations of beer-drinkers!

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If you like to entertain, and like to delight and surprise your guests, our medieval tankard could be just what you need. Charged with ale or mead, you will not be disappointed by your guests reaction to these cups, whether or not you plan to serve with a whole hogs head!

Each of our medieval tankards is made by skilled craftsmen from lead-free pewter in Sheffield, England, which has been a center for production of the finest metalware since the middle ages. By 1600 Sheffield was one of the main producers of metal tableware in Europe, and was exporting all over the world. The workmanship of this cup fully lives up to this heritage, from the thick pewter bowl to the surprisingly nimble lid.

The handle is our favorite ‘swan-neck’ style, which is very comfortable to hold for a range of hand sizes, despite the fact that the tankard is reassuringly weighty. The lid is solid but moves easily and has a very satisfying closing mechanism. We think it’s a lot of fun to use this mug, whether or not the lid is needed to keep plague-infested flies at bay in your area.

This is one of our most fun and unique tankards, no banquet required!

Material Lead-free pewter tankard
Grade Medium (Our tankards are graded ‘Standard’, ‘Medium’, ‘Heavy’, and ‘Super-Heavy’)
Diameter at rim 3¼”
Height 5½”
Diameter at base 4⅛”
Weight 11¾oz
Capacity 19 US fluid oz

NOTE: These are handmade items, so all measurements are approximate.

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