Georgian tankard, 19oz


The bowl of our Georgian tankard is hand-spun from a single disc of pewter making an elegant cup that’s also practical and easy to clean.

  • 100% lead-free and safe for drinking
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This is a very fine and elegant pewter tankard that is among our most popular cups.

The Georgian mug is hand-spun by AR Wentworth in Sheffield, England, using techniques that genuinely go back centuries. The bowl of the cup is actually spun from a single piece of lead-free pewter, so the inside is completely seamless. It’s from Wentworth’s ‘Superior’ range, meaning not just that it’s a very luxurious cup (which it is), but mainly that it’s made from a thicker piece of pewter than some of our other tankards, and you’ll realize that immediately when you pick it up too – the extra weight gives the tankard a reassuringly solid feel in the hand, and means that with a little care this cup will last a life-time.

The scroll-handle is not just elegant.   It’s also amazingly comfortable, and most people find it fits around their hand to give a surprisingly firm grip, giving great control.

What is the Georgian pewter tankard good for? The tulip shape of the bowl means it’s great for all Belgian and Scottish styles, and it also works well for IPAs.

Don’t forget, all of our tankards and steins are handmade using traditional techniques, so every one is unique.

Material Lead-free pewter tankard
Grade Heavy (Our tankards are graded ‘Standard’, ‘Medium’, ‘Heavy’, and Super-Heavy’)
Diameter at rim 3½”
Height 5”
Diameter at base 3⅛”
Weight 11¼oz
Capacity 19 US fluid oz

NOTE: The Georgian mug is a handmade item, so all measurements are approximate.