Brown and white Pilsner and Weizen vase, 16oz

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Our stoneware Pilsner also makes a great Weizen vase to optimize your wheat beers.

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Our US-made stoneware Pilsner is perfect for pilsners (of course!) and also makes a great Weizen vase to optimize your wheat beers. If you know and love either of these styles, then this cup is designed especially for you.

At nearly 8” this is a tall cup, with plenty of space at the top to promote a wheat beer’s fluffy head. The slight inward curve at the top also does a great job of holding the style’s characteristic phenol aromas just where you want them – just on top of your beer.

It’s this height that compliments a pilsner too, concentrating the effect of the effervescence so you get the maximum benefit.

This cup is made in the USA and is hand decorated using two different lead-free glazes. It’s how these two glazes play together that makes every single one unique, and beautiful.

Manufacturer Made in the USA for Crafted Cup
Diameter at rim 3¼”
Height 7¾”
Diameter at base 3”
Weight 17⅝oz
Capacity 16 US fluid oz

NOTE: These are handmade items, so all measurements are approximate.