Black and red 24oz Bavarian stein


A 24oz stoneware stein in the German style

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Our Bavarian stein is the pinnacle of our collection of US-made stoneware drinkware. The deep black and facetted red of the two lead-free glazes capture and reflect the light as the mug moves, and it is truly beautiful whether by winter fire-light or in the sun of a summer barbecue.

Speaking of barbecues, this stein weighs in at about 25oz (it’s handmade so weight will vary a little) and contains about 24 US fluid oz, and that’s enough thermal mass to do a great job of keeping your beer cool in the sun.

This is not only a beautiful stein, it’s also a lot of fun and highly evocative of the Bavarian bars which inspire the style. It’s great for American and English/ Irish-style ales, porters, and stouts. It’s also a fine way to drink European lagers in the stein they were traditionally enjoyed in.

Manufacturer Made in the USA for Crafted Cup
Diameter at rim 3¼”
Height 5⅞”
Diameter at base 4”
Weight 25oz
Capacity 24 US fluid oz

NOTE: These are handmade items, so all measurements are approximate.