Black and green 20oz Medieval mug


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Our 20oz Medieval Beer Mug is reminiscent of a style that was common in Europe from not long after the fall of the Roman empire until at least the 17th century.   It’s a simple but robust design, and surprisingly practical… easy to keep clean, easy and comfortable to drink from, and carries enough weight to keep your beer cool for longer than any glassware.

The attractive hand-decorated glaze is inspired by simple medieval designs and colors too but, rest-assured, we use only modern lead-free glazes on all our ceramic tankards.


Manufacturer Made in the USA for Crafted Cup
Diameter at rim 3½”
Height 4⅞”
Diameter at base 3½”
Weight 20¾oz
Capacity 20 US fluid oz

NOTE: These are handmade items, so all measurements are approximate.